About Us

Pacific Laboratory Products is the Preferred Provider of Scientific Solutions for our Chosen Markets in Australia.

Since 2005 Pacific Laboratory Products has supplied a broad range of laboratory equipment & laboratory consumables and supplies throughout Australia.

For all your general laboratory needs, come and visit us at Pacific Laboratory Products. We can supply you with lab pipettors, filter tips, PCR tubes, centrifuges, incubators, shakers, mixers, tube rollers, beakers, serological pipettes, cell strainers, water baths, balances, autoclaves, cryoboxes, freezers, timers, tongs, tubing, crucibles, stirrers, hotplates, detergents, disinfectants, buffers, test strips, cell density meters, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis systems, plasticware, glassware, instruments and equipment and chemicals and reagents.

Basically, all and sundry of your general laboratory needs can be found at PLP.

Pacific Laboratory Products is a wholly Australian owned company that distributes a great range of quality suppliers to provide our customers with an extensive range of specialist laboratory products for your research & testing needs.

PLP brands include Daihan Scientific, Axygen, Labnet, Radiometer Analytical, Biochrom, Hach, Labwit and Ohaus and a complete range of our own brand PLP Biosciences plasticware and glassware. Contact us for dedicated chemical reagents from Ballybio, Chem supply & Hach test kits. We also provide a range of safety products to ensure the end user is protected in their daily work.

At Pacific Laboratory Products, we aim to understand our customers' work and share their commitment to research and routine laboratory testing in a range of Scientific Industries. Our team of highly trained staff provide informed advice at all stages of our customers' processes providing the best possible products, services and solutions. Our broad range of life science, scientific & industrial instrumentation and consumables make it possible for us to create personalised solutions to industry challenges and assure scientific success, throughout Australia.